The aim of this Outbreak Management Plan is to prevent a resurgence of COVID-19 in Middlesbrough. We will aim to identify and supress local outbreaks early.

The objectives of our plan are to:

  • Prevent or minimise the number of outbreaks of COVID-19 in Middlesbrough;
  • Minimise the number of new and secondary COVID-19 cases in the event of outbreak; and
  • Ensure the right support is in place for all those who need it when they are affected by an outbreak.

If we are able to achieve this we will save lives, save jobs and help to rebuild a flourishing Middlesbrough.

There are five strands to our approach:

1. Communication Strategy

The Council will continue to remind residents of the risk from COVID-19 and encourage them to do all they can to keep themselves and others safe. The theme of our communications is ‘Do it for Middlesbrough’.

The communications will focus on “saving lives and jobs and returning to normal as soon as it is safe to do so”.

2. Engagement

We will listen to our community to ensure the action we take and the messages we use are effective. We will promote prevention as being key to Middlesbrough’s economic recovery.

3. Targeted work with complex settings

Places such as care homes and schools receive support on infection control. They get advice from the Council and NHS partners on issues including health and safety, PPE and welfare. We’ve created template risk assessments for high-risk settings. They describe the measures that should be taken to minimise infections. Support will also be provided to children’s homes.

4. Promotion of testing for people with or without symptoms

We will encourage people to be tested, both when they have symptoms and as part of the twice-weekly testing programme for people without symptoms. This will help prevent the spread of infection.

5. Enforcement

As a last resort, we will consider the use of enforcement powers to prevent the spread of infection only where other measures have failed.