Some places (settings) have a higher than average risk of COVID-19 outbreaks.

This could be because:

  • the people that live in, work in, or use these settings are vulnerable
  • social distancing is hard or not possible
  • the support available to the setting is not yet sufficient
  • the risk assessment is not yet good enough
  • the actions to reduce outbreaks have not been checked or monitored

We have assessed all settings in Middlesbrough as high to low risk using the criteria above.

The risk in schools, care homes, and local shops has been reduced by the measures we have taken.

Action for care homes and schools are described in other sections of our plan.

All shops in the town centre have taken appropriate action to prevent COVID-19, including increasing space to allow social distancing.

The Operational Response Team will work with any settings deemed high risk to prevent outbreaks and build public confidence.

Checklists on how to prevent outbreaks will be available for a number of settings. National resources will also be available, including action cards. These will set out the steps to be taken to prevent infection, and what to do if an outbreak happens.

Care homes and schools
Test and trace
Vulnerable people