Data monitoring is critical to help prevent, identify and contain outbreaks.

The Council and Public Health England’s North East Health Protection Team (HPT) monitor and identify potential issues in local areas. 

The Council can also draw on information provided by the Joint Biosecurity Centre. 

The Joint Biosecurity Centre provides real-time data and analysis to local authorities, helping to identify and respond to outbreaks as they occur. 

Where data and analysis raise concerns, the HPT will work with the Council to confirm the issue and put actions in place. 

If action is required at a national level, the Joint Biosecurity Centre will work with the Council to develop options and recommendations for consideration by the relevant government minister.

The national alert level is currently level 4

The national alert level is 3

The COVID-19 national alert level is on a scale from 1 to 5.

At level 5, COVID-19 is present in the UK and the transmission rate is high or rising. Hospitals are at risk of being overwhelmed by patients with COVID-19. Social distancing measures are being increased.

At level 1, COVID-19 is not thought to be present in the UK. There are no social distancing measures in place. The possibility of COVID-19 entering the UK from abroad is being monitored.

The UK is currently at level 4. COVID-19 is present in the UK, and transmission rates are rising. Social distancing and restrictions are being increased.

Care homes and schools
High risk locations
Test and trace
Vulnerable people