This plan is still in development. Further specifics and data will be added once they are available.

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How we will work closely with public health experts, partners, local agencies, and the community to make key decisions, manage resources, and work effectively together to control any outbreaks in Middlesbrough.

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Care Homes & Schools

How we will protect people and manage risks in our care homes and schools, our plans for monitoring and testing, and what we will do if there are any outbreaks in these higher-risk settings.

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High Risk Locations

How we will protect people, and manage communities and locations which are considered high risk due to the number of vulnerable people, or where extra support is required to ensure safety measures are in place.

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Test and trace

How we will deliver Test and Trace to reduce the spread of the virus in Middlesbrough, including identifying and managing infections locally, and supporting contact tracing in high risk locations.

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How we will work with local, regional, and national Public Health teams to help identify and contain outbreaks, through combining quality and timely data with local information and knowledge of our communities.

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Vulnerable People

How we will identify and support people who have higher health risks due to the virus, a higher risk of transmitting the virus, may be unable to access support, and/or are likely to experience other harms due to the virus.